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Do you need to help your students successfully secure employment?
We design and deliver practice recruitment exercises that help give your students the experience and insight into how most large employers recruit.

Many employers, both private and public, are recruiting staff through assessments based on recruitment exercises, judged against their own competency framework.

Familiarising students with what an assessment centre is, and the sorts of tests used within them, is an important step towards improving their prospects of employment.

Understanding how employers are judging competencies through a suite of exercises, and building self-awareness of individual performance levels, strengths and weaknesses, is likely to lead to better scores and outcomes.

Key Services Offered

We can produce examples of the sorts of exercise that are commonly used to recruit including:

  • Competency based interviews
  • Group exercises
  • Role playing and teamwork
  • Presentation exercises
  • Management exercises

Newzpark has wide experience in working with BME students and those from socio-economically diverse backgrounds.

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“I thought you might be interested to see the very positive result from the Development Centre at Bradford University. [This BME student] has now successfully passed the assessment centre for the National Government Development Programme.”